Monday, February 11, 2008

First Aid for UTI. RIGHT NOW!

Whenever a urinary tract infection hits, you want relief, like, NOW!!! Typically, that is not what you get. You have to take the time to call the doctor for an appointment, go to the appointment (and I don't even want to remind you how long that can take), go to the pharmacy to fill your prescription, go home and take the meds, then wait a day or so for the pain to go away. And if it all started at 2 in the morning, your agony is just prolonged by that much more.

Yes, I know, I've been there. More times than I'd like to remember. For self help urinary tract infection treatment that provides immediate relief, go to this awesome website: Self Help Guide: Urinary Tract Infection Treatment. Just scroll about halfway down the page until you get to First Aid - Self Help Process. This will explain how to relieve your symptoms, and possibly even eliminate the infection altogether, with things that you already have at home, mainly baking soda. Yep, that's right. Also known as sodium bicarbonate, you can use this as an at home urinary tract infection treatment. It's very effective and will get rid of that burn, ASAP!

This truly is that really hard to find information that is actually helpful. Check it out, it's right there on the page, nothing to pay for. You've got nothing to lose but pain.


jerry said...


Healthtec Software said...

Yes these are usually the ingredients that you have ready at home.So that would be very helpful to be able to use them and derive benefit from the UTI problem.
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Atlanta Plastic Surgeons said...

The infection causes much pain and high fever and involuntary bowel movements sometimes.Th relief comes much later to the medicines.

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Rimi said...

Please do not use antibiotics to "cure" your uti - antibiotics not only kill the UTI causing bacteria, but also the good bacteria in your body. this can in turn weaken your immune system and this also allows for a stronger UTI causing bacteria to grow in your body, which will need a stronger antibiotic, and the cycle goes on. you can cure your uti naturally in under 48 hours without the use of antibiotics. You can use ADULT DIAPERS to safe. Thanks!

Emily Smith said...

I have a friend who is dealing with a UTI right now. I have been doing some research to help her get some kind of relief. I will have to show this to her. I hope it will help her out! I want her to feel better!
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Maya Benami said...

I consult online, on a personal patient tailored regimen to solve UTIs without antibiotics! Check out for very reasonable prices guaranteed and to get the help you need!

Jessica Wilson said...

I always have Ural in my medicine cabinet just in case. I also make sure to drink lots of water and cranberry juice. Helps a lot!

Allison SMITH said...

Thank you for your suggestions. I will keep in mind and share with friends too.

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seravina danniella said...

it is true, in fact when it comes to health, there is nothing more important than managing to eat healthy food and doing exercise regularly.

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